Saturday, May 25, 2013

Running to the hills

Tomorrow is the Bupa Great Manchester 10K!!  I'm  hoping to break the sub-50minute mark.  It's the dream! I think I can do it, it's just whether I have the balls to do it.  I'm such a plodder at heart but my coach has helped me pull my finger out and work on my speed- through hills and fartlek and generally laughing at me when I tell him my previous race times.

Did a test run on Thursday at race pace for 8k - and despite a few stops here and there for traffic lights and gates and things I really focused on keeping my speed where it should be.  Lots of food tonight and a good night's sleep and hopefully tomorrow we'll be in business.

Over the course of my winter marathon training and during the past few weeks of run club I've really started to LOVE hills.  I prefer them to speed work.  Especially when it's kind of grey and drizzly and you've really had to drag your ass out the door.  They make you feel alive and like a runner and like you're doing yo'self a favour.

Anyways, here are some tote bags I thought up on a cold drizzly night last week - cuz I don't know about you but I may or may not take a spare running kit most places, just in case there's an opportunity to get my legs out, and it's nice to have a bag to put it all in.  Don't worry, it's spacious enough to fit your sweaty sneakers, a pair of shorts, your shiny race medal with still plenty of room for your A-GAME ;)  Available now in my etsy shop, in two super jazzy colours!


  1. LOVE these totes- will be treating myself once I'm back at my summer job and with wages!
    More importantly, GOOD LUCK for the sub-50 10k- if I can manage it, you definitely can :)

  2. love the sporty running shoes so cute :)

  3. Love these but think I might be late to the party? Also, do you run in your Frees? I tend to do all things in mine BUT running as they're a bit too barefoot for me!

    1. My mom was laughing at me yesterday before my 10k because I was saying I wear these shoes for 'shorter distances' - they're Lunar swifts, and yes anything longer than a 10k and they're not supportive enough, I get sore feet. She's like so 10k is your shorter distance now.

    2. You're not too late I have one left of each colour x