Thursday, June 27, 2013

Textiles of all sorts, including socks.

I was the May 2013 artist of the month with gift box subscription service Goodie Goodness.  This is a photo of a whole load of Czech Dog pillows which travelled down to London to be added to the gift boxes.  These dogs actually ended up hitching a ride on the Megabus with a real nice gal who volunteered to take them with her to London so I didn't have to.  There's good people out there!!

Speaking of dog pillows, I mentioned earlier about a new stockist of mine in Manchester.  Here are a few photos of the new cafe and gift shop that I just DIE over the niceness of.  They make good coffee and they sell beautiful things.  Dream shop, yes.

(I borrowed these photos from Manchester's Finest)

Taco kitty is proving quite popular in South Korea and Japan.  These totes are stocked at some cool shops in Asia, in case you're planning a trip to that part of the world! 

SO moving on to other textile-based conversation... a little while back I attended a running conference called Write This Run.  It was marginally geeky but I got over being a geek a long time ago (no use fighting the inevitable) - and after a fabulous day listening to inspiring people talk about running and achieving goals I came away with not only a turbocharged urge to sign the heck up for loads of races and be all awesome and stuff, but a pretty hefty goody bag full of sweet gear.  I got a pair of these balega socks and darn, they saved me!  After the conference I had to leg it to the train station down a very long (long) driveway in the rain, in a pair of leather chelsea boots. With no socks on.  On arrival at the train station boy was I glad when I discovered this lovely pair of socks - they saved my feet from an imminent trip to blistertown.  

As I'm pretty sure the nice folks at balega didn't design these 'pro racer 3 Low Cut' socks with chelsea boots in mind I decided to try them out the next day - with a pair of runners.  And they're nice.  Thinner than a lot of my running socks, they're comfortable and light.  I also like how they're a little higher on the ankle.  I've been on some long runs where my socks have slipped down my ankle and thus caused some major blister issues.  So yeah, all in all these are good socks - and even better for turning up in my bag when I needed them most.  

Well I'm due a short 3 mile run this afternoon, which is roughly the distance to the supermarket where I shall purchase some kale and beans as my other half is out for the evening and I don't get to eat kale and beans for dinner when he's around.  Let's raise our green smoothies and toast to sad, guilty indulgences we delight in when our sane life partners leave us to our own devices. CHEERS! 

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  1. Congrats on being artist of the month. That's awesome!
    And you can make me kale and beans any day, but I suspect your OH might like me then...