Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The highlight of this post is the bagel

Last week I did such a good job of being a girl.  Went to look at pretty white dresses and I bought something! Yep, a new tank top and some jazzy running shorts.  Go me, right?

(My Nike T shirt from the Nike store in Paris. A gift for running the marathon from my other half! It got me up some hills on Tuesday night.)

Juneathon is still happening, you know.  On Saturday I got 3 miles in on the way to the grocery store and on Sunday I took my jazzy new kit and my bearded man out for 4 miles along the canal.  He's very good at casually pointing out interesting birds, dogs and so forth - because he knows I won't see them right away and thus we'll have to stop.  So smart/lazy.

Monday was just a stretch day/did I take the day off? I'm not sure.  Pretty sure I ate a bagel filled with yoghurt, though (try it.)  Last night at run club we did some efforts and some hills.  It was a nice session.  I always feel so lucky to be able to train down by the canal and the water park. It's super nice and green this time of year.

Now I'm going to do some Nike Training Club as this hayfever is making me ever so sleepy and if I don't increase my heartrate somehow I think I may fall asleep standing up.  Well I'll either do Nike Training Club or watch Breaking Bad. YOU KNOW WHICH ONE YOU'D CHOOSE don't lie.

By the way, if your mind is still on the bagel/yoghurt combination don't worry, mine is too.  This is how it goes: Toast bagel (I like to use the raisin ones. You're meant to actually use english muffins for this but I had bagels. Muffins actually work much better, especially the spiced fruit ones they sell in Sainsburys.) and while bagel is toasting mix in a bowl: yoghurt (blueberry is my fave) seeds of any sort or nuts.  Slice up some canned pear (or any fruit really but I like canned pear) and after buttering (don't have to) bagel, lay sliced fruit and blob yoghurt filling on top. Sprinkle cinnamon or honey. Cover with top of bagel and eat like a sandwich.  Watch out cuz it really is a messy thing to eat. You'll get yoghurt all up on your business. Enjoy!


  1. My mouth is watering at the yoghurt bagel. Sounds delish. Also, those new shorts are b-e-a-utiful.

  2. Sounds yummy :-) I know the muffins you're talking about in Sainsburys too - they're delish!

  3. Sounds yummy :-) I know the muffins you're talking about in Sainsbury's too - they're delish!

  4. Where are those awesome shorts from?!

    1. Sports Direct! a bargain buy. The brand is Hot Tuna!!

  5. I was going to go to the gym right now. May have to go to shop instead to buy all of the above ingredients. NOM!