Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy running weekend

HEY GUYS I'm writing this in a tired Tuesday afternoon haze; surrounding me are receipts, packing tape, pillows, half a cup of cold earl grey tea, airmail stickers, various writing implements and upwards of 16 lists of things I need to do.  I'm so glad I have run club this evening because a) I baked some (tasty) dark chocolate brownies this morning and consumed a number of them throughout the day and b) I need to get out of this pit I seem to have created today.

When there's just one of me working 15 different roles to keep this business rolling I swap from one task to another and back again so many times throughout the day.  It works for me, it satisfies my personality and it comes naturally to prioritise as I go.  It just means my workspace is eternally messy.  Don't get me wrong, I can't stand clutter and am more or less pretty clean - and try to start and finish each day with a tidy desk - I just feel like in between I seem to be doing upwards of 6 things at any given time - at least one of which involves bubble wrap.

New BABE tote. Thanks for being a TOTAL BABE and listening to me moan on about my sweet job. 

Anyways I don't know why I'm complaining. I had the weekend off, away from my desk.  Our weekend began on Thursday evening; I went for a nice 4 miler and packed our bags up ready for us to head over to Harrogate after my bearded man came home from work.  We had a wedding to attend on Friday so I got out early Friday morning for an easy 5 miles before showering and making myself presentable for a day of boozing and dancing.

If you're wondering why my runs seem a bit repetitive it's because I'm trying out Hanson's Marathon Method, a different training plan to my previous one - I'm excited to see how it plays out.  The reasoning behind it is you run more often but you only train up to 16 miles as your furthest distance.  Don't get me wrong I had no issues with my long runs last time around I just literally thought I'd try something different.

I'm only doing the beginner's programme but there's charts which help you calculate pace for your goals and when the tempo sessions come into play in a couple of weeks time I should be feeling some of the changes in this training plan versus what I'm used to.  So, where I would usually run Tues Thurs Sat and Sun I'm running Tues Thurs Fri Sat Sun and starting week after next Monday gets up in the mix as well.

Friday morning in Nike // Saturday afternoon in my new Hot Tuna shorts  // Oklahoma Benefit Tank arrived!

My weekend runs were nice, was glad to get out on Saturday - I guess after finding a beautiful wedding dress on Saturday morning (!) any inkling of a hangover seemed to disappear and I couldn't help but enjoy my run.  And Sunday was also a good one - I've forgotten which routes are which distance since my last training cycle so I accidentally went further than planned.

Anyways I'm off now to try out some new kit.  Well, after I tidy up this massive pile of aprons I just labelled up (they're back in stock now, get your paws on one before they sell out!)

(Another new tote - well, it was new until I sold out of it.)

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