Thursday, November 7, 2013

Coming back down to earth

We have had an absolutely wonderful two weeks on cloud nine and as we slowly find ourselves very happily settling into MARRIED LIFE I'm trying to find a balance between wanting to share our wedding photos with everyone on the planet because it was the funnest day ever and soon the moment will be gone - and at the same time wanting to just enjoy it being our special thing and kind of keeping it our thing for a little longer.

So thought I'd update my blog for now with this week's doings...

We both started work on Monday and my studio is already quite a mess, filled with tons of new cards and bubble wrap and vases of flowers which still fill the house reminding me not to get too bogged down by work.

If you follow me on instagram you'll  have seen me posting loads of photos of new cards.  I'm excited to say they're all up now on my etsy shop available to purchase.

The tiger card is part of a little collaboration I'm doing with the lovely Caroline Dowsett. Awesome stuff!! We've also created a woodland style pillow together, check it out!

I also this week reached a milestone of 3,000 sales in my etsy shop, which is absolutely awesome and to celebrate I've put a little discount code in my shop info so head over if you'd like to stock up on chrimbo cards this week.  As a side note, did you know you can buy Etsy gift cards?  This makes me happy! Treat someone to a handmade shopping spree this holiday season :)

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