Thursday, April 7, 2016

Powering through

Sleep has been somewhat of a struggle this week; our 16 month old is cutting some more teeth and it's not pretty! So it's coffee on constant top-up, positive mental attitude and some bright colours to distract from the nonstop rain!  A few things that have helped perk up the week:

I have some NEW SOCKS which I am dying to use tonight on a nice long easy run... these are from Aldi - they have a running event next week - I'm going to go and pick up a few more things as the designs and colours are super nice! 
They do awesome headbands and little zippered pouches too for those long runs when you worry you might need to catch a bus home :)

Motivational tattoos: also new, I created these for fellow anxiety sufferers, phrases like 'go outside today' or 'slow down' - words that have helped me over time.  
I hope these things maybe help you power through the remainder of the week... focus on every small achievement and remind yourself you're doing JUST FINE. xoxo

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