Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make your guests do yoga

A quick Juneathon catchup.  Sunday was totally a sweaty Sunday.  My bestie was staying and as Rich was playing golf we got to drink smoothies and fresh juice, do some yoga and things even got really wild and we did a NTC workout in my front room.  We're so cool, sometimes I can't believe quite how insanely cool we are.

As if that wasn't enough fun (seriously though, people will stop coming to stay at our house soon) we went on a 4 mile run down the canal and up to Chorlton Water Park to find some hills.  It was actually (if you like running and hills and aren't normal) really fun.

On Monday I did loads and loads of stretching while watching Breaking Bad.  This counts because my hamstrings are super tight at the moment and I'm almost through series 3 and gahhh my favourite character is Gus don't you agree?


  1. I think that sounds like an ace weekend. I'd visit you anytime with a program like that. :)

  2. Agree with Jen's comment - I hope we can do fun stuff like this in July! :D