Saturday, June 15, 2013

Real Girls Wear Runners

HI FRIENDS! I'm frantically packing up orders this morning so that I can get to the post office and still catch the sunshine for a short run afterwards.  My 'I Run Hills' tote bags are back in stock and I've already sold out of the new army green colour:

So it's all packing tape and airmail stickers at Nicola HQ this Saturday morning.

Hope you're enjoying JUNE so far and getting some sunshine and running and tacos and beers into your days.  After a whole day of wedding dress shopping yesterday (I know, can you believe I had any energy left?) me and my pal went for a 3 mile jog/wedding dress run-through session last night.

Because wedding dresses are confusing and the pricetags make you question your reasoning skills I was glad to come home to a nice shower, a curry and a read of this really ace article on the Guardian website about running blogs, which lists the top ten running blogs to read - We Do Run Run being number 10 on the list!  It's good to have some real-life shit to bring you back from Planet Silk & Lace.

Enjoy your Saturday and stay here on planet earth, it's much better.

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